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                                                                 "  PLEASE READ BEFORE BOOKING"


Thank you for choosing Certified Lashes. My name is Connie and me and my staff here at Certified lashes can't wait to meet you!


Address: 3371 Harlem rd. Cheektowaga, NY 14225

                                                                                 " PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME"

If you are 5 or more minutes late = appointment canceled.  Please rebook online and your deposit is Non-refundable.

  • NO CALL/ NO SHOW: Will result in %50 charge for the service that was book. If you miss two appointments, you will not be able to book with me again. And your deposit will be Non-refundable.

  • CANCELATION/ RESCHEDULING:  Same day cancelation less than 24hrs will result in an extra $10  fee for extension services  on your next appointment. For individual lashes it will be an extra $5 on your next appointment with me.

  • Upon canceling your appointment your deposit is Non-refundable. To reschedule you must go online yourself and rebook.

  • HOLIDAYS: If your appointment falls on a holiday Certified Lashes will be CLOSED. It's your responsibility to rebook online in advance to make sure you are able to get in on the same week.

  • POLICIES: All full set of extensions require a $40 deposit upon booking a full set. All fills for extensions require a $10 deposit upon booking. All individuals require a $5 deposit upon booking.  All deposits are  NON-REDUNDABLE.

  • PAYMENTS: We accept cash/ card only but we preferer cash. We do not accept any other form of payment.

  • DOUBLE BOOK APPOINTMENTS:  Will result in an extra charge of $10 on your next scheduled appointment.

  • NEW CLIENT: If you are a new client booking for extensions you must Read the description of the service and  select a full set and not a fill. WE DO NOT go over other lash techs work. Please no extra guest and no children are allowed. 

                                                                           "WE DO NOT TAKE WALK-INS"​

*******PSA: If you are experiencing extreme fall out of your lashes, you have the first 48hrs of your service to contact your lash tech to be fix. After 48hrs, I am not held responsible for how well they hold. Please follow all aftercare instructions that was provided to you before your service. 

******* If you come in with one eye with less than 40% lashes and the other eye is full there will be an upcharge of $10 on top of your service fee that day. If you come in  with 80% of your lashes gone on both eyes there will be an upcharge of $10 for your service that day.

REMINDER: Please do not wear any eye makeup before your appointment. This includes fill-ins too. If you have eye makeup on there will be an upcharge of $10.  NO Refunds!!!!

Important Instructions

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